UTMAGS (University of Toronto at Mississauga Association of Graduate Students) is a graduate student association representing all M.Sc., M.A., M. Biotech., MMI, BMC and Ph.D. students who spend the majority of their academic and social time at UTM and have indicated this by filling out an affiliation form.

UTMAGS represents the interests of UTM graduate students at theĀ Graduate Students’ Union, Erindale College Council, Quality Service to Students Council, and several other UTM committees. Over the past few years, we have lobbied for increased student support, improvement of UTM student housing, and increased services to students at UTM. If you have a specific concern or just a great idea, we are always looking for fresh input!

Outside of committees and councils, we also organize social events such as food nights, pub crawls, sports tourneys and much more!

Contact us at utmags@utoronto.ca for feedback or more info about upcoming events.

UTMAGS’ Constitution

For a more thorough understanding of who we are and what we do, please check outĀ UTMAGS’ Constitution.

UTMAGS’ Student Handbook

Need a bit of, er, direction? Check out the UTMAGS Grad Student Handbook. It contains tons of useful information about starting out here at UTM.