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UTMAGS has a new listserv and a Facebook page! In the future, we will be using these to contact you for all UTMAGS-related announcements including, weekly sporting events, pizza and movie nights, outdoor events (paintball), BBQs, Halloween and Christmas parties, Career night and volunteer opportunities amongst others. UTMAGS has lots of exciting events planned for the year so subscribe to the listserv to avoid missing out. Keep in mind that you will still continue to receive emails from the Graduate Office through Anna Reale regarding matters related to graduate students should you decide not to subscribe to the UTMAGS listserv.

To subscribe, simply send a message stating “SUBSCRIBE UTMAGS-L” in the body to listserv@listserv.utoronto.ca. Wait for a confirmation e-mail, then confirm your subscription by clicking the link provided in your confirmation message.

If you have any questions please see the website https://listserv.utoronto.ca/ or contact the UTMAGS communication director Audrey Reid at audrey.reid@utoronto.ca.

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