UTMAGS Newsletter: October 5, 2011 (Turkey Edition)


Welcome back to the truly “mostly-weekly” UTMAGS newsletter!

~For all you Ontario residents, don’t forget to vote in the provincial tomorrow!~

**Cool Upcoming Events**

Would you like to hit your lab mates with little pellets of paint?
Then join us on October 21st to go paint-balling!
There are 24 spots available, and tickets are $5 each.
We will be organizing carpooling from campus, leaving at 5pm. Need a ride? Let
us know!
Questions? Email utmags@utoronto.ca

Winter Sports
Watch the UTMAGS Facebook page for an upcoming poll about which winter
pick-up sports we should organize. Have any suggestions? Email us, or post on
our wall.

**Get Involved**

UTMAGS is looking for full-time graduate students to fill the following positions:

*Career Center Representative
*Health & Counselling Centre Representative
*Student Housing and Residential Life Representative (must live on campus)

Interested in any of these positions, or have any questions? Contact us at

Cheers, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Your awesome UTMAGS Officers

Fun fact of the week:
Male turkeys heads can change colour. When “excited” their heads are blue;
when “ready to fight” their heads are red.

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