Halloween Week!

Join us for our week of Halloween festivities!

Spooky Movie Nights: Oct. 28th-30th, Grad Lounge (DV 1100)             Candy and popcorn will be served!

Jack-o-lantern Contest: Oct. 31st, Grad Lounge                                           UTMAGS will deliver pumpkins to teams on Oct. 28th. Judging will take place at our annual Halloween party.                                                                                              Awesome prizes will be awarded!     Halloween Party: Oct. 31st, Grad Lounge                                                                                   Come dressed in your Halloween costumes to win some more awesome prizes!

To sign up for the Jack-o-lantern contest, and to RSVP for our Halloween party,                 please email utmags@utoronto.ca.

Let the haunting begin!

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