UTM Parenting Group and Advising Hours

The Family Care Office will be hosting another Parenting Group and has also set up advising hours for those of you interested.

UTM Parenting Discussion Group
Date: Every other Wednesday: March 12 & 26
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Location: Davis Building, Room 3138
Register at www.familycare.utoronto.ca

Share your successes and frustrations of raising children with other parents in a
safe and supportive environment. We will discuss parenting strategies, tips and
resources to help you meet your parenting goals. Please feel free to send us
your specific topics of interest via email. Facilitator: Lina Zahreddine, Master of
Social Work Candidate

All University of Toronto students, staff, faculty and postdoctoral fellows are

Family Care Advisor at UofT Mississauga
Time: Appointments are available between 10 am and 2pm
Date: Wednesday, April 9
Location: Davis Building, U of T Mississauga

If you are seeking support and advice on any personal family matters, a family
care advisor will be available on the UTM Campus to meet with students, staff
and faculty for individual confidential consultations. Book an appointment to
discuss the following:

Planning for a child, pregnancy, resources for new parents.
The University’s maternity / parental / adoption/primary caregiver leave
Child care, schools & other programs for children.
Services and supports for an aging family member.
Balancing work, study & family.
Parenting strategies.
Bereavement resources.
Separation & divorce resources.

To book an appointment, please email family.care@utoronto.ca with the
following information: your student or staff number, UofT employee group
and/or your union affiliation if applicable, and a brief explanation of your

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