Family Care Advisor at UTM

Family Care Advisor at UofT Mississauga
Time: Appointments are available between 10 am and 2pm
Date: Wednesday, May 28
Location: Davis Building, U of T Mississauga

If you are seeking support and advice on any personal family matters, a family
care advisor will be available on the UTM Campus to meet with students, staff
and faculty for individual confidential consultations. Book an appointment to
discuss the following:

· Planning for a child, pregnancy, resources for new parents.
· The University’s maternity / parental / adoption/primary caregiver leave
· Child care, schools & other programs for children.
· Services and supports for an aging family member.
· Balancing work, study & family.
· Parenting strategies.
· Bereavement resources.
· Separation & divorce resources.

To book an appointment, please email with the
following information: your student or staff number, UofT employee group
and/or your union affiliation if applicable, and a brief explanation of your

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