Info Session on Tentative CUPE 3902 Agreement

From Troy, CUPE 3902’s UTM Rep:
Dear All,

Sorry for the delay on this information. I still need to clarify a couple things about the info session.

First, the information session will be held in Davis (South) Building, Rm 2074 at 12pm.

Second, some members have expressed concerns that this meeting is to brainwash them into voting for a strike. This concern is no doubt due to the campaign that has been undertaken to mobilize a vote against ratification. This is not the purpose of this meeting, and the union does not endorse, officially or unofficially, this vote NO campaign.

Basically, this is where we stand. The bargaining team, with the support of the majority of the Cupe3902 executive, endorses the tentative agreement presented last Friday and encourages members to vote in favour of it. Sean Hayes, a member of this bargaining team, will speak to members about the agreement and the team’s reasons for asking members to ratify it. Members are encouraged to respectfully debate, challenge, agree, disagree, question, etc. Sean regarding the team’s position on ratification. Members are also encouraged to debate each other about the agreement and the consequences of voting for or against it. We hope for a lively discussion that will leave members more informed. We also hope that members who have already made up their mind about the agreement will show up to express their concerns to their colleagues.

Amy will be there to discuss strategy that may have to be implemented in the event of a strike, which still is possible pending the strike vote and is still being mobilized for by the strike committee. As steward, my role I will be there to moderate and facilitate the discussion. Since there seems to be general confusion regarding what exactly the outcome of a yes or no vote will be, I will also speak to that.

I hope this clears any misunderstanding, and I hope to see you all out tomorrow.



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