Outstanding Summer Teaching Opportunities

The Princeton Review is seeking teachers for Canada’s most popular preparation program for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). Our courses bring together specialist instructors in each of the MCAT’s five major subject areas to provide students with a fantastic teaching team to go along with our comprehensive textbooks and online practice problems.

Get more information and apply today by visiting us here or at www.facebook.com/TPRCanada and click on the “Teach For Us” tab.

You can also contact us at infocanada@review.com or 1-888-876-5545, Ext. 1210. (Please include a current resume and cover letter in your initial email.)

What we offer:

  • Build your teaching skills and resume while helping Canada’s future doctors! You will have the amazing opportunity to be THE teacher for your section, lecturing and leading problem solving. You will see student results and get student feedback.
  • Excellent pay. Starting teaching rates can range from a minimum of $23/hour up to $30/hour, plus we pay teachers for training and work outside the classroom such as prep time.
  • All teaching, no grading. The MCAT is a computer based test. We need you to care about your students results but you won’t be marking any papers.
  • Training. We train you for our program (with its own specialized textbooks and lesson plans), but our training will help you in all your teaching endeavors.
  • The opportunity that fits for you! As the largest program of its kind in Canada, The Princeton Review’s MCAT program has convenient locations at your campus and in your community, and we offer a wide range of options in terms of work schedule and level of time commitment.

What we expect:

  • Outstanding knowledge and experience in one of the MCAT’s five subject areas (Biology, Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Verbal Reasoning). Successful applicants have included professors, graduate students/teaching assistants, medical students, and in some cases, senior undergraduate students intent on pursuing careers in teaching or medicine. All applicants are tested as part of our hiring process, and applicants who have taken the MCAT before must provide their scores.
  • One of the most engaging and effective teachers our students have ever had. Our students want someone who will hold their interest and who they’re confident is giving them the direction they need.
  • Dedication to student results. You show it by prepping, by communicating with our helpful administrative staff about all student issues and needs, and by your professionalism in fulfilling all your commitments.
  • Availability to go through our hiring process, and if successful, to train during the winter term (one weekend) and teach during the spring/summer.
  • Prior teaching experience. This can come in many forms, but you should know from past experience that you will be confident and successful in a teaching environment.
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