Venture CV/Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

Are you thinking of job hunting? Do you feel that your CV/resume does not accurately describe your accomplishments and skills? Do you want to learn tricks to make you noticed by an employer? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then Venture’s CV & Cover Letter Workshop is for you!

The workshop will be lead by Dr. Nick Toltl, a seasoned healthcare industry professional, currently Vice-President of R&D at Concept 2 Clinic Inc, with over 10 years of experience at Eli Lilly in R&D. Dr. Toltl is a mentor in our Graduate Mentorship Program whom you also might have met at our annual Networking Night this past fall, who has been very willing to help many of our members. Join us at the workshop to learn tips and tricks how to make your CV stand out and potentially land a job! Please register by emailing

Date: Thursday, February 13th at 3pm
Location: DV3130
Fee: Free for Venture members. If you are not a member, a one-time fee of $10
grants you full membership to Venture and all events. Please go to  for more information

Refreshments will be served!

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