UTMAGS invites you to AGM.. w. pizza :)

Are you HUNGRY for more?
Then join UTMAGS at the Annual General Meeting for some pizza and discussion about what we can do to bring more to you!
When : June 24th 2016 from 11:30-1 pm
Where : Our fancy new grad lounge (DV 2068B)
UTMAGS is here to represent the grad students and expand the overall graduate experience at UTM… BUT we need your input into how to do so! we have some great ideas for some new things and also how to continue some things you’ve seen before. You asked for more than pancake breakfasts and we brought you fun catered lunches, you asked for a new grad lounge, we got us one, you asked for more networking/skill workshops and we worked with the career center to bring more. Now… what’s next? Like the 3MT event? Enjoyed the Annual Graduate Research Conference? Want to continue the ski trip? Like the Blind Duck for the Christmas Party? Let us know. We are here to listen to your concerns, because they are our concerns.
& even if everything is cool, come out and enjoy some free pizza, courtesy of UTMAGS!
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